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ADP-300CR PS4 PRO PSU repair and component list

PS4 PRO ADP-300CR complete component list attached. Lot of time was spent on this so use it as best as you can.

Recently I received a non working PS4 PRO PSU (ADP-300CR). Power supply had a burned R5 resistor. User tried to repair it but the resistor burned again. Problem were components in standby 4,8V circuit.

After replacing Q9 (STD3N62K3), IC31 (DAP041) and ZD39 (8.2V in SOD80 case) and replacing R5 with 2A fuse, PSU was successfully repaired.
Instead of DAP041, LD5760GR was used.

CAREFUL!!! Electric Shock danger! Capacitors on this PSU store the energy for a long time. They have no bleed resistors so they are also prone to self-charging. Be extremely careful if you decide to repair it yourself.

Bad components:

ADP-300CR problem
ADP-300CR problem

Few higher res pictures if you need:

ADP-300CR, PS4 PRO PSU Component List

I don’t repair PS4 power supplies for living. So please don’t ask for advice on how to repair your certain issue.
Hope you find the component list useful cause a lot of time was invested to create it.

p.s. if you find any errors or misinformation in the list, feel free to comment so I can rectify it.



  1. inco inco

    excellent thank you

    • Lajt Lajt

      You are welcome.

  2. Jesse Jesse

    Hey Lajt,
    Really appreciate your guide. My PS4 pro ADP-300FR had nearly the exact fault except the main fuse was also also blown and the DAP041 was ok, no shorts.

    Once I got the zenner diode around the right way I got the 4.5 standby and it’s good to go.

    • Lajt Lajt

      Excellent. Thank you for the feedback.

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