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BOSCH GAL1880CV component level repair

So I have this friend who is in construction work. He uses a lot of power tools, especially blue BOSCH akku tools.
One day he mentions that he just bought new GAL1880CV charger. He also said that he has about five of the same chargers that are not working.

As things go, I now have 5 GAL1880CV to repair and I also borrowed that one good charger to use for part database as some of the components were unrecognizably burned.

After I examined all five units it seems they all share the same problem. Standby power supply part is burned in all of them.

In my humble opinion the main culprit behind the problem is transistor Q1, CS1N80 A1H in TO92 case.

As this original component is quite hard to obtain I found a replacement HFU1N80. This unit comes in I-PAK case and it fits the PCB with minimum adjustments.

Damaged components differed through all five units. Some had more burned components than others. But after all the repairs, these were the ones that needed replacement:

position value size/case
R7 82k 0805 (2012)
R8 30R 0805 (2012)
R12 390R 0805 (2012)
R13 6R8 1206 (3216)
R14 4R7 1206 (3216)
R15 4R7 1206 (3216)
Q1 CS1N80  A1H TO-92
Q2 PMBT3904 (W1A) SOT-23
V4 1N4148W SOD123

Primary side component list:

I also took few pictures of the new charger for future needs:


  1. Johnny Johnny

    Exceptional work my fellow enthusiast. I must say, Bosch has one of top quality tools and it is nice to see someone trying to upgrade components for longer usage.

    Best regards, fellow blogger

  2. Geno Geno

    Малко помощ и от мен.


    thanx for your beatiful sharing

  4. Максим Максим

    Подскажите R65 и r53 какие это резисторы? не могу заказать ..

    • Lajt Lajt

      Hey Максим, R65 = 20kOhm, R53 = 4,7Ohm

      • Максим Максим

        Супер., Буду искать

  5. Олег Олег

    Дякую, дуже вчасно та актуально.

  6. Mauro Soares Mauro Soares

    do you have the values of C101 and C102
    in R13 what is R?? in 6R8

    • Lajt Lajt

      Hi Mauro,

      Sorry but for some reason i missed your comment 🙁
      Values for C101 and C102 are: 1nF in SMD case 1206 (3216).
      R in 6R8 is Ohm. So that value is 6.8 Ohm


    Hello. I have the exact same BOCH GAL 1880CV charger that has broken down. The battery light is coming on slowly. If you have the schematic of this circuit, I would be interested in having this document. Sincerely

    • Lajt Lajt

      Dear Martin.

      I am sorry but I don’t have a schematic for any Bosch charger. All the component info that is on my site was measured by me from a physical device.

      Kind regards,

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