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BOSCH GAL 3680 CV component level repair

Again, Bosch charger repair. 36V (14.40-36V), 8A unit. Very similar to GAL 1880 CV that you can already find on this site.

Same issues as its smaller sibling (GAL 1880 CV), failing the primary side.

Most common components to give up:

As a replacement for Q1 STQ1NK80ZR-AP (datasheet),I mostly use:

HFU1N80, 800V, 1A in I-PAK case (datasheet)
BXP2N65U, 650V, 2A in TO-251L case (datasheet)

Here are some High Resolution pictures of PCB:
p.s. pictures are not very nice because I had to remove a thick protective epoxy layer from PCB.

And in the end, as always Complete component list: GAL3680CV Component List

Hope it helps. Enjoy.


    • Lajt Lajt

      Great images. Keep up the good work.

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