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PDI TCO-405 10MHz Temperature Compensated Oscillator

Some time ago I obtained a non-working Agilent OmniBER 718A Communications Performance Analyzer. Unit was scavenged for parts and lot of it proved to be good quality parts, as you would expect from company like Agilent.

One of the extracted components was a 10MHz crystal oscillator PDI TCO-405.

No matter how I tried, I couldn’t find any datasheet or specifications for that component.
From the scarce info I was able to find, it seems this part was made specifically for Agilent.
Since I had a board that was hosting the TCO, I followed the traces and copied the way it was integrated.
If it can be of any use to you here is the schematic:

Agilent PDI TCO-405 Schematic
Agilent PDI TCO-405 Schematic

Part dimensions: 21 x 21 x 11mm
Supply Voltage: 5V

Output: Sinus

A quick breadboard connection was made:

Quick measurement was made and it seemed that TCO was quite stable compared to my GPSDO.

PDI TCO-405 Frequency
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